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The Stories

Learn about the early years of baseball with these short, informative and interesting posts.
A dramatic and unprecedented surge in home run power occured for the Chicago White Stockings club in 1884. How did THAT happen?
1871 was the inaugural season of the newly formed, and first professional baseball - The National Association. On May 4, the first game was played between the Ft. Wayne Kekiongas and Cleveland Forest Citys
Much has been written about Babe Ruth's early years, but the actual Census Records seems to really bring him to life!
Amazon has over 3.5 million Baseball Memorabilia items for sale! What's the most valuable baseball item?
Search our database of every major leaguer from 1871 forward. Perhaps a long forgotten ancestor of yours was an early baseball player.
The first rules of baseball were written in 1845 and numbered just 20. Some are odd, some still remain! Can you tell which ones?
For over a century the 'invention' of baseball has been inaccurately attributed to Abner Doubleday. How was this myth perpetuated and what was its origins?
Historians know that our 16th president played and was a fan of baseball and even played the game. Could this be a photograph of him in a baseball pose?
From Dale Williams (1876 Cincinnati Red Stockings) to David Price (2013 Tampa Bay Rays) in 9 easy steps