Baseball Geeks Will Love This!
From Dale Williams (1876 Cincinnati Red Stockings) to David Price (2013 Tampa Bay Rays) in 9 easy steps
The site is baseball stats geek's paradise. There's an incredible amount of team and player statistics from 1876 forward. One of the very cool features on the site is called "Oracle of Baseball."

Oracle of Baseball

Enter the names of any two major league players and "The Oracle" will "link" them by a shortest possible list of teammates. There's a simplifed version of it below. In the sample, I entered one of the earliest pitchers, Dale Williams, from the 1876 Red Stockings and the 2013 Cy Young Award winner, David Price of the Rays. Give it a try!

The full version on their site is There's additional functionality there (exlude certain players, how connected a player is, etc.)

Enter names as "first name 'space' lastname"
From Player
To Player

How They Are Linked

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